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Common Interview Questions with Answers
24 Oct

Common Interview Questions with Answers

While some occupation questioners adopt a genuinely surprising strategy to inquiries questions, most prospective employee meet-ups include a trade of regular inquiries questions and replies (counting probably the frequently asked conduct talk with inquiries). Here are probably the most well-known inquiries questions, alongside the most ideal approach to respond to them.

"Tell me something about yourself"

Ok!! Just starting with my current job role, I have been working as a project manager in XYZ Company for the last three years and handling the immigration service project for our top USA based Clients. Now I am willing to employ my experience across the different industries and specifically for the ABC project.

"Why do you want to join our company"

Your company is a renowned brand, and always wanted to be a part of this organization. But five years ago, I had no relevant experience as per your prescribed criteria for a project manager profile. Now I have enough experience and I wish to explore more to invigorate my experience by serving and working with top and reputed organizations like you.

"Why should we hire you"

I think that the experience I have gained with my current organization to manage the immigration project for USA based clients makes me suitable for this position. Therefore, It would be a big gratification for me if get the opportunity to use my skills and proficiencies for the elevation of your company’s productivity.

"Are you comfortable with the shifts and night shifts as well"

I possess a flexible nature and I implement the same for my profession. Yes, of course, I am comfortable enough for the night shift if there would be a requirement of my availability at that time. I believe in performing my responsibility irrespective of any stipulated shift timing.

"Why do you think that you will do well in this job"

This is so because I have spent more than 5 years in this very job. During these periods of my professional journey, I grew developing the required skills for the management of this job role proficiently and generate an exceptional result for the growth of the organization.

"Where do you see yourself in five years"

I expect the achievement of my career goal with the growth of the organization where I am serving. Therefore, in the next five years, I would like to take the company to the next phase of success using my core competencies and meeting the stipulated deadlines of projects to let it accept more challenges and grab new projects in upcoming days.

"How did you learn about the opening"

These days, I am actively looking for a new job opportunity and I came across this opening on the job portal and LinkedIn. I went through the given job description and found it suitable for myself.

"Describe your dream job"

I wish to get involved in handling many more projects for the company where I am working. I aim at enhancing my project management proficiencies as much as possible and make the company feel proud of my competencies towards its expansion and achievements.

"Why are you leaving your current organization"

It has been five years since I joined my current organization and have made a huge contribution to the organizational growth along with developing the project handling skills and cooperating with my team for the desired result. But now I want to grab the new challenges to revitalize my capability to grow more.

"What is your strength"

I am born with creative thinking and perform my job responsibilities with dedication and enthusiasm for the outstanding result at last for the company.

"What is your weakness"

I may concentrate only on one task at a time and cannot skip the deadline assigned for completion of the task.

"Now if You are looking job or job change so you can Register your self for the better opportunity in future"