Blog / Hiring Activity is double then Before-after COVID19

Hiring Activity is double then Before-after COVID19
16 Oct

Hiring Activity is double then Before-after COVID19

Who would have thought that a pandemic that took away millions of jobs across the world, would double up the opportunities once its impact slows down? Yes, you heard that right after the pandemic has begun to loosen its impact (which is great news), many companies and startups are looking out for potential candidates to be part of the company.

The best part about job vacancies coming back on track is that every sector can be seen hiring employees. Where earlier, the pharma/ medical, BPOs, and IT sectors used to hire the most employees, the unlock has seen significant hiring in telecom, real estate, and the retail sectors as well. And all this is because everyone today has become more practical than just living a life for a better future. It is being assumed that the hiring rate will soon increase to another level as many more new companies and ventures are working on expanding their businesses.

And for everyone who is seeking their first job, a job change, or a new opportunity because of any XYZ reason, we have shared a few hiring trends that you can keep in mind. These trends will help you understand the working and shaping of the current job market in terms of functional areas, cities, and experience levels.

What Trends do Industries are Following while Hiring?

Topmost industries like recruitment or employment (19%), auto (17%), BPO (16%), and IT software (14%) continue to see a hike in hiring. On the other hand, industries like FMGC (1%), hotels/ restaurants/ travel (2%) sector saw no increase in recruitment. Moreover, the oil and power/ gas sector remained strictly affected and experienced a decline (10%).

Industries that were earlier badly affected can see visible growth, for instance- real estate and retail. Other most affected industries remain IT-hardware, legal, and pharma.

What Trends do Cities are Following while Hiring?

Now, while we come to the hiring rate in metro cities, there is visible growth led by Kolkata (27%) and Bengaluru (22%). Whereas in tier two cities like Chandigarh (8%) and Kochi (7%), the growth is happening at a good rate. But when we talk about Coimbatore, it saw a decline of 11%.

What Hiring Trends as per Experience Level?

We all would agree to the fact that our working experience speaks volumes for us and helps in grabbing our dream job. The lockdown has made it a point for companies, MNCs, startups, and other industries to appoint the most experienced candidates for any role. This helps the firm to make the most of the candidate's experience and attain a profit.

All this has seen an overall increase in hiring (14%) for entry-level executives and mid-management growth (13%). It also leads to an increase in leadership hiring (11%).

What is Hiring Trends as per Functional Areas?

Professionals are in demand in fields like marketing/ advertising (20%), BPO/ ITES (19%), admin/ HR (18%), healthcare/ pharma (15%), which saw a visible hike. And the best part about all this is that the teaching/ education sector (14%) saw an unbelievable hike, which earlier was decreasing.

But there are still sectors that are seeing a decline like- travel/ airlines/ ticketing (1%), IT-hardware/ telecom (1%), and hospitality/ restaurants (1%).

So, now that you know everything about hiring trends this season, be ready to get recruited for your dream job. Allow Jaddm to serve you and help you. We have the best clients and opportunities for you that will help you build your career. Not just that, we promise both our clients and employees to deliver the best of candidates and offices, respectively. Also, keep the above analytics in your mind, speed up your job search with Jaddm, and reserve yourself a good job.

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