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How to find a job during the Covid 19 Pandemic in India?
26 Apr

How to find a job during the Covid 19 Pandemic in India?

The covid 19 pandemic in India has badly affected the country's economy. On the other hand, people are struggling because of the job crisis. Low-budget companies are compelled to shut down till the situation takes a normal turn. People are coming up with the concern how to find a job during the covid 19 pandemic in India. Some of them are trying their best to continue with their current job rather than losing it.

The pandemic situation has worsened the scenario in all terms almost. The entire nation is suffering from a financial crisis. Therefore, people must explore the methods through which they can find new opportunities and also what strategies they should adopt to hone their skills to secure the current jobs.

The increasing unemployment during such circumstances has also created lots of mental stress. The hiring processes have become somewhat sluggish and this is why job-seekers are unable to get the job at once. However, it is time to cop up with the covid 19 pandemic challenges with effectual concepts and manage to get the jobs. Joe-seekers will require including some of the relevant tips in their job-search strategy.

Relevant practices to make the Jon search successful during the pandemic:

The crucial aspect is that job seeker will need to follow the organized model to ensure their selections. They can find a job during the covid 19 pandemic if they choose to consider these points.

Network engagement:

This refers to letting the people who are close to you that you are actively looking the new opportunities. This initiative will help you know about the openings even if the human resource department is not active in searching the new resources. In case you have friends in a company a then you can approach them as well to collect information about the opening for your profile or about to open in recent days.

Keep your ready for phone and video job interviews:

During the pandemic, situation companies have shifted to remote work. They are providing the candidates with phone and video job interviews.

This is why you should efficiently practices for the remote interview as you prepare for the face-to-face. The remote interview process demands more attention relatively as you have to take care of multiple factors to avoid distractions.

Choose to temp work:

Finding a job during the Covid 19 Pandemic is the toughest chore. But instead of losing your hope, you can create another financial source to meet the requirement of your livelihood.

You can choose freelance work and teamwork until you get a new job. The freelance or the teamwork will let you have another kind of experience with lots of knowledge.

Mention transferrable skills:

The post-pandemic situation is quite contemptible right now in the corporate industry. Job-seekers are not getting the jobs after they lost them. However, when you go through any recent job posting by employers, initiate that immediately.

As time passes, the priority level gets reduced. This is why, if you are searching job then instead of making deals. You can instantly update your resume by stating your transferrable skills. The change in the industry is getting a common aspect among the people. Sticking to the same profile might lead to a big financial crisis in front of the job-seekers.

Initiate to customize your resume before applying:

The customization of the resume for every job posting helps to get it reviewed. You need to take care of the requirement of the profile and accordingly need to write a cover letter to attract employers and stand out among several applicants.

The well-drafted resume with cover letter plays an important role in making the hiring manager take interest in you and shortlist for an interview.


Job seekers may initiate to find a job during the Covid 19 Pandemic as per the above-stated strategies. Their approach in the right direction will allow them to beat the troublesome situation effectively and get back to their corporate lives through remote work. However, companies have made such a provision for the health safety of their employees. Thus, you can go ahead with the mission of your job search by following the relevant insights stated in the article.

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