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How to follow up After an Interview?
02 Nov

How to follow up After an Interview?

It remains one of the toughest questions during the hiring process as in how should a job-seeker take follow-up? And why not? What if the company declined your application or gave a lame reason to reject your application? You have full right to get a justifying response.

The most distressing thing while getting a new job is the wait for a response after the interview. Where some job-seekers give their best shot in the job interview and leave things right there, others lose patience while waiting for the response. But while you wait for the response, the employee must make the right approach. Calling the employer constantly to know the result is unprofessional as well as looks very desperate.

To answer this question, we asked a few HR managers about what should be the adequate time for a job seeker to wait for HR’s response after the final interview? To which 19% of HRs suggested reaching out company within a week, 43% said to wait for a couple of weeks, 30% went with three weeks or less, and the remaining 8% suggested to not contact at all.

Keeping this data in mind, we are sharing a few ways to follow up after an interview in a company.

Follow up Via Telephonic Call

The most convenient way to take follow up on an interview result from the HR manager is by calling them. The only thing to remember is to dial the no. in a couple of weeks and not on the very next day of the interview. Hiring a candidate is always a time-taking process, and while the companies finalize a candidate, they do all the necessary background checks, etc.

Thus, it is advised to make a call in two weeks to show your willingness. But do not make it the very next day, as it will show how desperate you are. Keep your voice polite and humble, do not feel rejected if things are not in your favor. Disconnect the call with warm regards and greetings to HR.

Write a Follow-up Mail

It is indeed the second most used manner to contact the HR manager for a follow-up. This way, it does not seem unprofessional and does not intrude on someone’s privacy. Also, emails are the official language of the corporate world, so why not?

Make sure to be not too early or late while you send the follow-up mail. Send it within a week's time. Remember to write the mail informal language, starting with greetings to the HR manager. Move ahead with your small intro including the date of your interview and the position you applied for. Add in your purpose of writing this mail and wrap it up on a positive note.

Meeting in Person

Most job-seekers avoid meeting the HR manager in person for follow-ups. Whereas, some find it completely alright and think that it is more convenient to know the results. A few things to keep in mind are- take all the relevant information about the HR Manager, their contact details, the date of your interview, and the position you applied for. All this would make it easy for you as a job-seeker and the HR manager to hand over the final result in an adequate manner.

All these manners of getting a follow-up on your interview can be of great help. We advise you to go with calling and mailing follow-ups only. This way, if the HR manager's response is not in your favor, your reaction would not be visible to them. And what began on a professional note would end that way only.

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