Blog / Jaddm is a Top Staffing Company in Noida, India

Jaddm is a Top Staffing Company in Noida, India
18 Sep

Jaddm is a Top Staffing Company in Noida, India

At Jaddm, we understand how crucial it is for any company to hire the right employee who is equipped with the apt skills that ultimately lead to the company’s success. No matter you are a startup or an established company, many times the job of finding the right candidate by the HR department of your respective company cannot alone serve you the purpose. That is where Jaddm steps in as a staffing company and helps you to get just the perfect employee.

We provide staffing solutions in India with an aim in mind, i.e., searching for the right person for your company that benefits and uplifts your company status. And as we all know, we need people with various skills to work for us and help us run a company thus we bring you the same. Our staffing company brings you all that you require without troubling you much.

Our staffing service includes the following:-

As a staffing solutions provider, we know that every company works differently and has its own work culture, values, and expectations from the employees. That is why we not only work on your given requirements, but we also try and understand your company culture so that we can find the apt match for your company. To find potential candidates for your firm, our staffing company team works back and forth.

How Do We Work?

Well, many of you here be thinking about how our staffing company works. Well, though we cannot spill all the secrets, we do have certain points to share. Have a look:-

1. Spreading the Word via Social Media: If anything good that the pandemic has given us is to understand the power of social media sites today. Everyone is on various social media platforms, and thus, we as a staffing service make it a point to post the requirements on these platforms. This way, we reach more and more potential candidates who can prove to be an asset for us, as well as your company.

2. Picking the Qualified Ones: Once the word starts spreading, we collect the data and pick the candidates that match the qualifications and requirements of our clients. For instance- educational qualification, relevant experience, location, skillset, etc. This makes our staffing solutions a little more furnished and clearer.

3. Mandatory Follow-ups: We all know that how much hard work goes behind finding that one perfect candidate matching the company requirements. And when we are near the goal, we make sure that the ball reaches the court. Thus, our staffing solutions team keeps taking follow-up calls to ensure the candidates make it to the interview. We do not stop at sending the candidate to your doorstep for final interviews. We also work on furnishing them a little to make it easy for you to take the right decision.

4. Build Networking: We understand that not every candidate that our team chooses for final interviews makes it through. Thus, knowing how great is the candidate, we try and build a network with him. This helps us in future requirements for the same profile or else. We ensure the candidates that, if not this, then some other company would surely take them in. This also helps in building a good relationship between our staffing company and the candidate, which can make our future job easy.

5. Don’t Forget the Referrals: This happens many times that while we reach out to a candidate, he is already settled in his new job or does not require the same anymore. Thus, making the best use of our time, we always ask our candidates to share any relevant references if they have any. This also gives us refined data of candidates looking for a job change. And this leads to saves our time and make the delivery of the right candidate, as soon as possible.

To sum up, we as a staffing company in Noida try our best to find the best talent. We follow our client's brief and then make any move. Amid this pandemic, we do not feel under pressure while delivering our job. And there is much more that we offer, which you will get to know once you get in touch with us.