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Why people lost their jobs in the COVID crisis
03 Oct

Why people lost their jobs in the COVID crisis

The coronavirus outbreak has forced the businesses to realize their annual output and input factors. The corporate world has undergone dramatic change during the COVID hit and is being assumed that it will exist forever. Now searching new job is a big concern of job-seekers across the country in contemporary days. The knock of the coronavirus has badly impacted the workflow of the corporate world. Reduced business productivity has led to unexpected circumstances of unemployment to a broader parameter. An enormous number of people are currently disappointed because of losing their job and not having hope for another opportunity in such hardships .

Why people lost their jobs in the COVID crisis

This is quite clear that unemployment directly affects the rhythm of the livelihood of people. How to manage such a crisis is a big question. What should be the proficient strategy to get to the new opportunity?

A large number of employees have lost their jobs because of many reasons like cost-cutting factors, unpaid leave, shutting down of many startups. Many companies have forced their employees to drop resignation because of having no more projects to work on. Most of the organization is working with overseas clients. And the COVID has severely impacted almost all corners of the world. The profit of an organization is directly proportional to business productivity and the same goes for every industry.

How can we help you to find a job during COVID Crisis?

Despite COVID crisis situation, it is not hard to reach out to the hidden job opportunities in the market. Taking the above circumstances into our consideration and we are trying our best to help out the job-seekers to find a suitable job. Jaddm is working as a leading recruitment services provider firm to connect the employers with the best employees to manage their businesses. We believe in customizing our recruitment services according to the requirement of the employees and employers. Our recruiters keep a track on the innovative strategies required to cope with critical circumstances of the current time.

We have analyzed that sectors like retail, manufacturing, and travel-hospitality along with IT and other sectors have faced more crises during the coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, the condition of hi-tech, communication, life sciences, healthcare is somewhat better.

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What do we do for our clients?

Recruiters at Jaddm carry on their tasks according to well-defined strategies to resolve their client's concerns. We are actively serving to meet the real-time requirement of employers and job-seekers for a long time. To provide improved recruitment services to our clients, we have embraced the system based on market intelligence. Then included software is capable enough to allow us to have clear data of the job market. We utilize this feature to build up a reliable network with clients and provide them with the best personals. Therefore, feel free to contact us anytime as per your convenience to grab better opportunities.