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How to make Resume for Job

Resume refers to the well-drafted document that plays an important role in hiring processes. It holds precise information about an individual’s academic qualification, technical skills, and past experiences and achievement if any in an easy-to-read format. The key objective is to easily share the required information with the employers that suits their prescribed eligibility criteria. However, to write resume in a professional manner, having enough ideas about it is crucial.

Usually, it is a challenging task for fresher to make a resume for first job. They do not have the experience to write resume as per the requirement. Therefore, we are sharing some of the simple and relevant steps to help you to write resume flawlessly.

Let’s take a look at steps to create resume for job:

Creating an informative resume is important for both fresher and experienced candidates. But most of them do not have efficient knowledge to prepare resume for job. Thus to build a resume of job, they might follow these simple and effective steps.

1). Begin by selecting the accurate resume format:

The format of a resume matters a lot. An employer wishes to have complete information about your professional and academic background to judge how much you are suitable for their businesses. This could be possible only through the resume that you share within them. In other words, you may say that this piece of paper help to create the interest of an employer in you. Thus, when you are thinking of finding a job or switching to another job, you must take the format into account to make CV for job or write resume.

2). Mention your name and contact details:

Your name and contact details should be at the top of the resume. These two factors ensure your availability for job search when you write resume. In addition to these, you should mention your email addresses to reduce the possibility of inconvenient for employers in contacting you. Do not forget to highlight these details in bold font to make it easily visible.

3). State a resume summary and objective:

Stating the resume summary is another crucial aspect that will help employers to develop professional gist about you. Revealing the career goal is important for all job seekers and especially for those who have limited experience. To make CV for job, you must mention a summary using the active words to explain your relevant work experience and skills.

4). Add your soft and hard skills:

Adding your skills to show your worthiness is the most important aspect. You should think about which skill will make you best suited for the job profile you are applying to. You should take both soft and hard skills into account to write resume. However, you can change it according to the requirement. Build a skill section using the keywords which is relevant to the employers.

5). Write your educational qualification:

This is the most important section in your resume that enables employers to know your qualification and streams. You can add the specific coursework, grade point, leadership position if held, and other awards and achievements to make yourself stand out of the other candidates.

6). Think of the additional segment:

If you see white space on your resume, then initiate to add achievements and interests section. This will help your resume make more informative despite having your short experience. But you need to make sure that what skills and achievements you are stating is relevant to your career goals. These factors are vital to create resume for job effectively.

Proofread your resume before submitting for job: Taking a look attentively at a resume is imperative before submitting for a job. You should consider all points that you make mentioned and check out the font size as per the format. Think of the margins on your resume and the placement of bullet points. These factors help to make the resume attractive and informative.


To write resume efficiently, you should keep the points stated in the above section. For more assistance and guidance, you may contact us immediately on a given phone number or dropping your queries by filling the given form on our website. Our resume writing experts will get back to you shortly.

How to Dress for Interview

Appropriate dressing style for an interview is crucial to leave a positive impression in front of employers. Your dressing sense is the reflection of your attitude and earnestness towards the specific circumstances. Even if you appear good at your resume but the way you dress matters a lot. Thus, you must be careful when you dress for interview.

The dress for interview varies as per the industry norms and the profile you have applied for. An individual’s outward appearance is a glimpse of a live personality that how he or she treats the situation. Additionally, your professionals dress for the interview shows your proclivity for corporate standards and respect for employers. The way you dress illustrates that you are concerned about the directives of the corporate world.

You may follow some of these guidelines to dress up for an interview:

You must dress up for an interview taking the industry norms into account. You may conduct thorough research to appropriate ideas. Another important aspect is that you should choose the attire that makes you feel confident and conformable. The climatic condition also plays an important role when it comes to choosing the dress. You should dress up for an interview as per the climate to let yourself feel better. But it is essential to make sure that the dress you have chosen is well-pressed and wrinkle-free. At the time of deciding the attire for taking an interview, go with the best judgment instead of thinking too much over it.

  • Do not carry those outfits that do not fit and suit your personality.
  • Be cautious for the stains and snags on your clothes, ensure that your cloth is clean.
  • Before the next day of your interview, decide your attire and hang it in a well-organized way to avoid unexpected inconveniences in the morning.

How to match your dress to the workplace of another organization?

You can match your dress by researching the dressing style of working employees. Your effort will also allow understanding of the workplace culture of that specific organization along with enabling you to decide the most accurate dress for interview.

What should be dress for an interview for women

Being a female, you can choose these as dress for an interview for women

  • You may choose dark jeans, a blouse, and a cardigan
  • Next, you decode for a knee-length skirt and button-down shirt or blouse
  • Both of these options can be worn with flats or heels but do not carry open-toe shoes

You may also opt for the following a business environment

  • You may try button-down shirt and cardigan or jacket to go with the perfect combination
  • Carry black or navy dress pants or a pencil skirt for a more professional look
  • Wearing flats or heels would be appropriate

Dress for an interview for male

A male person can go with these to Dress for an interview for male:

  • You can choose Dark jeans or slacks and button-down shirt or polo for your appropriate look with an elegant combination
  • Wear closed-toe shoes that should be neat and clean.

Additionally, you can also choose these attires:

  • Choose black or navy dress slacks with a combination of belt and button-down shirt and tie
  • You may try oxfords or loafers to add to your perfect personality
  • Keep a blazer in option, carry it if it suits

What you should not prefer to dress up for an interview

A wrong selection of dress for interview usually takes place when an individual does not have knowledge that what attire he or she does not wear while going for an interview. Therefore, we would like them to take a glance over some of those outfits attentively.

  • Shorts
  • too short skirts or dresses
  • Flip flops and other open-toed sandals
  • Athletic shoes
  • Tank tops or shirts with thin straps


Taking the appropriate outfits for an interview is the most crucial aspect. The way you dress up for an interview is the symbol of your whole personality. This goes for both your professional as well as personal lives. Therefore, we suggest job-seekers to carry the best suitable attire for an interview for their long-lasting impression in the view of interviewers.

Don't pay money for Jobs

Don't pay money for Jobs

Have you been asked to pay money for the job? On the name of providing a job, scam is going on frequently to collect money. In the market, you will find scammers who pretend to be recruiters to make the theft of your confidential information and bank account credential as well. Such activity has become a common occurrence and you won’t be able to differentiate between genuine and fake ones. But always remember that authentic recruitment consultants never ask for money so if you are asked to pay, you don’t pay money for the job.

Identifying a recruitment scam is the toughest task as scammers include the sophisticated plan to accomplish their target. Most often, they use the name of renowned companies and communicate with you like the recruiters of that company regarding your resume information. These are their tactics to win your trust and convince their job offers. Even they create a LinkedIn profile to make sure that they are authentic recruitment consultants. So you should be aware of these scams and don’t pay money at all costs. Scammers tactfully ask for money by letting you know that you will require depositing their registration fee or job processing fee. However, their motive is to take your personal information to meet their evil goal.

How do fake recruiters carry their scam?

Usually, when you update your resume to grab new opportunities, they keep exploring the resume of applicants online. After accessing your resume, they send you an email to share fake job descriptions. they also contact applicants through their given contact number to make them think that they have received the legitimate job offer. Therefore, when you receive such email or phone calls so be cautious. Fake recruiters strive to make you feel that you are the most suitable candidate for the profile they are looking for. In addition to these, they do not ask much about your experience and achievement in the previous or current organization. Therefore, don’t pay money for the job offer of this kind.

Their source of connecting with job applicants is social media; they keep on posting the job offers on Facebook, LinkedIn to trap the job-seekers. Thus, all job applicants need to learn how to recognize scammers. The one thing that is noticeable about the fake recruiters is that they ask the applicant’s last four numbers of the social media security number and personal information. Apart from this, sometimes they also try to collect your credit card number or bank account information by conveying to you like their job processing norms.

You may be asked to fill their online form to let them proceed for hiring processes. Whereas this is nothing else, only the tricks to steal your confidential detail as much as possible. And at last, they ask you to pay some amount of money as their fee with the assurance of refund in case of complications in the hiring processes. Despite the strong guarantee of job offers and a refund of money, don’t pay money for the job.

Tips to identify unprofessional emails from fake recruiters:

Generally, fake recruiters do not leave any stone unturned in showing them legitimately. But sometimes they commit unnoticeable mistakes while writing emails. This is needless to say that authentic and well-established companies work with a competent human resource and recruitment team. They will never hire unprofessional people to spoil their name. Thus, if you receive an email where you come across the errors in spellings, capitalization, punctuation, and other grammatical mistakes, therefore, you need to be sure that it might be a scam email regarding a job offer.

Another remarkable aspect is that they force job applicants to take interviews utilizing instant messaging services. They always direct the applicants to create a profile and get in touch with the hiring manager or you may be asked to initiate with filling your confidential information. You need to be alert from being taken in; otherwise, you may have to face a huge loss.


Don’t pay money for a job as a legitimate recruitment consultant never asks for this from job applicants. They do not instruct them to create a profile for instant messaging for interview processes. In addition to these, authentic companies and recruiters send an email written in a professional manner

How can I prepare for Telecalling interview

The interview is the first step in the hiring process. Today employers frequently prefer to give an interview over the phone calls. Therefore, you should take it a crucial part of your interview processes. However, telecalling interview is the most convenient for interviewees if he or she is not residing in the city where the company is located. Usually traveling from one city to another is relatively expensive so if the first round is taken on phone calls, this is the best thing.

We all know that frequent job search activities lead to the scheduling of interviews from multiple recruiters and hiring managers. Job-seekers strive to get the best job opportunity in India anywhere to achieve their career goal. Therefore, they wish to have the best job search platform to make their future dream true. The practice of telecalling interview has eased taking interviews for the latest job opening in India from anywhere.

But an interviewee must know how to deal with the interview on phone calls efficiently. Phone interview holds similar importance to a face-to-face interview, thus it impacts the possibility of your getting shortlisted for the next round in the same way. Therefore, we have shared some of the influential tips to help you prepare for Telecalling interview.

Get ready for tele calling interview taking these aspects into account:

You must confirm the scheduled time of the interview:

Confirmation for scheduled times of interview is necessary for you to ensure your availability at the time of the call. You may opt to note down the accurate time for your reminder.

Take a thorough look at the company’s profile:

Your approach to take a thorough look at the company’s profile reflects your inclination and dedication towards the job opportunity and your accountability. You may collect the information related to the company’s value and culture by reviewing the company’s website.

Strive to know who will call you:

The level of the interview questions varies as per the positions within the system. Here we mean to say that, a recruiter is calling you to conduct your first-round interview for the latest job opening in India, you will get general questions. But if a project manager directly calling you from the company, you will be facing different ranges of questions from difficult to easy to let them know your competencies and worthiness for the job role and overall, their organization.

Read the job descriptions carefully:

If you read the prescribed job-descriptions carefully then it will help you to know how you need to explain your experiences and your management skills for the new project after you get hired in front of the interviewer. The core motive of an interviewer during the interview process is to check your astuteness and proficiency to cope up with challenges that might come with you while handling the new project in a new workplace.

Behave professionally:

Being an interviewee, you need to act professionally during and till the end of the interview process. Most often, a professional way of communication leaves a positive impression and thus enhances the chance of your getting hired. Recruiters or hiring managers take the final decision after interviewing several candidates. Therefore, your one positive attitude can make them consider your candidate first for the job role. And marinating a professional attitude is vital to grab the best job opportunity in India.

Choose a quiet place:

You need to be aware of disturbances and unwanted noise at the time of the telecalling interview. Therefore, choose a calm place to hear the interviewer. This will help you to concentrate on interview questions adeptly. Additionally, it reflects your professional courtesy and allows the interview to know how much you are serious about the job interview.

Prepare a note:

Preparing a note refers to writing the answers to possible interview questions in points. This will help you to recall your answers and explain those elaborately. Interviewers normally notice your confidence in answering their questions. Thus, you should take care of all those aspects that might be responsible to impact your interview outcome.

Communicate clearly:

The way you speak your words matters a lot for interviewers. They remark each word being spoken by you. Thus, pronounce the words that you are using correctly and take your time to answer their questions precisely.


Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook is the best job search platform where recruiters and human resource managers keep on posting about the latest job opening in India for different profiles to fill the vacancies with top talents. To do not let the best job opportunity in India anywhere loose, you should be active to follow the telecalling interview strategies. For more assistance and guidance, feel free to contact us anytime at your convenience.

Explore new career tips and interview tips for job search

Explore new career tips and interview tips for job search

With the changing demand of businesses, having a job in the desired job profile has become tougher. An employer looks for the resources from their practical point of view to boost their businesses. Thus, skills and achievement matter a lot for job-seekers. Therefore, we encourage job-seekers to develop their in-demand skills and practical knowledge to cope up with business requirements and work efficiently within the system. Our recruiters assist the job-seekers through streamlined career tips to let them get the best opportunity.

Brushing up the own expertise is significant to meet the prescribed eligibility criteria by employers. But how to initiate in the right direction for the desired outcome is a big question among job-seekers. Making a job decision is a crucial aspect for everyone. Thus, to assist job-seekers, we have made a short effort through our published piece of writing to make them aware of some of the proven guidelines and job interview tips for their successful career.

We as a leading recruitment service provider suggest our clients choose the right job search tips for their better career. Our key objective is to help our clients in all possible ways to make them skilled enough to get hired for their desired profile. Our involved recruiters have years of experience to describe the essential qualities to crack interviews with top companies.

We would like you to take a look at some of these tips

Set your career goal:

Setting your career goal simply reflects your ability to recognize your potential. Before stepping into the job market, it is vital to evaluate your capability and your interest as per your academic stream. Our recruiters know how to mold the candidate according to the employer’s requirement and provide the candidate with job-oriented career tips.

Develop a broad network:

Getting connected with a broader network helps you to get highlighted among employers. You can do it by meeting new people and updating your resumes on Jaddm to reach out the new opportunities. Apart from these, you may opt to share your resume on a social media platform like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to get to the multiple job opportunities and career choices. Our recruiters stay active on social media accounts to find skilled candidates by reviewing their updated resumes and impart their job search tips with candidates.

Create an informative and professional resume:

We emphasize on creating an informative and professional resume to attract the employer’s attention. Resume plays an important role in revealing your skills and achievements that might be best suitable for employer’s businesses type. Our resume service providers keep on researching to make their client’s resume highly professional to enhance the chances of your getting shortlisted.

Keep checking your professional strength:

Evaluating your professional strength is another important aspect to get hired easily and for long term retention within a system. We are focused on advising job-seekers to keep track of their skills and explore more what should be added to better their current professional qualities.

Identify your responsibilities and roles:

Performing the job responsibilities and roles is the vital factor to survive within an organization. We believe in suggesting our clients adhere to the prescribed rules and regulations for the smooth running of the job and learn much more from the assigned tasks.

Build influential standards:

Successful person does not do anything different but they do the work differently. Adopting the easy-going strategies and work life balance tips is necessary to create an influential standard. Everyone wishes to have a congenial atmosphere at their workplace to stay stress-free. Therefore,


To have a successful career, making required efforts and staying patient is an important factor. However, we are proficiently committed to providing our clients with efficient career tips, job interview tips, and job search tips to help them achieve their career goals. Apart from these, you may consult our recruiters for innovative tips and techniques to improve your resume quality and develop your professional personalities.

For a job-seeker, it is important to explore the right work life balance tips to make their professional lives easier. Career is the most important part of an individual’s life and having skills to maintain depends on their career knowledge.

Common Interview Questions with Answers

Common Interview Questions with Answers

While some occupation questioners adopt a genuinely surprising strategy to inquiries questions, most prospective employee meet-ups include a trade of regular inquiries questions and replies (counting probably the frequently asked conduct talk with inquiries). Here are probably the most well-known inquiries questions, alongside the most ideal approach to respond to them.

"Tell me something about yourself"

Ok!! Just starting with my current job role, I have been working as a project manager in XYZ Company for the last three years and handling the immigration service project for our top USA based Clients. Now I am willing to employ my experience across the different industries and specifically for the ABC project.

"Why do you want to join our company"

Your company is a renowned brand, and always wanted to be a part of this organization. But five years ago, I had no relevant experience as per your prescribed criteria for a project manager profile. Now I have enough experience and I wish to explore more to invigorate my experience by serving and working with top and reputed organizations like you.

"Why should we hire you"

I think that the experience I have gained with my current organization to manage the immigration project for USA based clients makes me suitable for this position. Therefore, It would be a big gratification for me if get the opportunity to use my skills and proficiencies for the elevation of your company’s productivity.

"Are you comfortable with the shifts and night shifts as well"

I possess a flexible nature and I implement the same for my profession. Yes, of course, I am comfortable enough for the night shift if there would be a requirement of my availability at that time. I believe in performing my responsibility irrespective of any stipulated shift timing.

"Why do you think that you will do well in this job"

This is so because I have spent more than 5 years in this very job. During these periods of my professional journey, I grew developing the required skills for the management of this job role proficiently and generate an exceptional result for the growth of the organization.

"Where do you see yourself in five years"

I expect the achievement of my career goal with the growth of the organization where I am serving. Therefore, in the next five years, I would like to take the company to the next phase of success using my core competencies and meeting the stipulated deadlines of projects to let it accept more challenges and grab new projects in upcoming days.

"How did you learn about the opening"

These days, I am actively looking for a new job opportunity and I came across this opening on the job portal and LinkedIn. I went through the given job description and found it suitable for myself.

"Describe your dream job"

I wish to get involved in handling many more projects for the company where I am working. I aim at enhancing my project management proficiencies as much as possible and make the company feel proud of my competencies towards its expansion and achievements.

"Why are you leaving your current organization"

It has been five years since I joined my current organization and have made a huge contribution to the organizational growth along with developing the project handling skills and cooperating with my team for the desired result. But now I want to grab the new challenges to revitalize my capability to grow more.

"What is your strength"

I am born with creative thinking and perform my job responsibilities with dedication and enthusiasm for the outstanding result at last for the company.

"What is your weakness"

I may concentrate only on one task at a time and cannot skip the deadline assigned for completion of the task.

"Now if You are looking job or job change so you can Register your self for the better opportunity in future"