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Executive Search

Executive search stands for ‘specialized recruitment service which is used to identify and select top-notch personnel for senior-level and executive jobs. Hiring a highly qualified candidate is not an easy task, thus as Best Executive Search Firms.

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Contingent Recruitment

Jaddm is one of the top contingency search firms in India and is involved in offering the best contingent recruitment services to its clients across the country.

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Payroll Management

Payroll is one of the most valuable tasks of any industry and holds the capability to get your human resource management to the succeeding level. It allows you to develop innovative business insights and assist you to follow the compliance efficiently.

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RPO (Recruitment Process Outsource)

We realize that recruitment acts as a support function and your business have multiple departments that efficiently seek attention. Offering more time for the accomplishment of the recruitment task can lead to hindrance in other business activities.

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Staffing Contracts

Today businesses are opting to hire employees on a short-term basis to meet their project's requirements. Sometimes, it difficult to find the required skill sets for permanent job roles, and for this reason, employers are endorsing the contract staffing system.

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Senior & Middle Level Hiring

Jaddm provides the top quality services for the recruitment of senior and middle-level employees for our leading clients across the country. Our Senior & Middle-Level Hiring team has years of experience in screening the top-notch professionals for a different range of industries.

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Career Transition Services

We comprehend the complexities of optimizing the workforce and we provide our clients with wide outplacement services. From designing to planning a career transition approach we manage and sustain our clients at every step.

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Market Intelligence

As a leading online marketing consultant, we are indulged in providing the most excellent Market Intelligence services. Our market intelligence tools consist of cutting-edge technology to help our clients make an informed decision regarding their businesses.

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