Market Intelligence Service in India

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

What have you done to influence your customer base? What have you done to influence their perception of your brand? And what is the sentiment or mood of the market towards your product or service? You can use customer surveys and information gathered from social media to assess market sentiment. Using this information, you can also consider creating new marketing campaigns to emphasize relevant micro-segments in your target audience.

Gauge the strengths and weaknesses of your brand, by analyzing:

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Market Performance
  3. Brand Assessment
  4. Client Performance
  5. Key Performance Indicators
  6. Voice of Customer surveys

As a leading online marketing consultant, we are indulged in providing the most excellent Market Intelligence services. Our market intelligence tools consist of cutting-edge technology to help our clients make informed decisions regarding their businesses. Our marketing consulting services aim at offering comprehensible market data based on accuracy to develop a strong network and track achievement.

Our Market Intelligence services

Market intelligence refers to the data related to the company’s market like trends, competitors, and customers. It is significantly contributing to the organizations for decision-making factors. Businesses are human resources are assets of an organization. Therefore, we adhere to the strategic plan to offer Market Intelligence services to our clients.

Talent mapping: As recruitment process outsourcing services providers, we emphasize on talent mapping factor to connect with inactive job seekers. It is believed that maintaining a pipeline of talents helps to better the hiring processes. To filter the top quality telnets, we efficiently collect market information related to prospective candidates and later categories them as per their academic qualifications, experiences, and technical skills.

Compensation survey:

Adopting innovative strategies is crucial to stand out from other marketing consulting firms. In the competitive era, holding uniqueness is important at all costs. Thus, a compensation survey is one of the factors of our Market intelligence services. Our compensation survey fetches market data collected from matchless candidates.

Independent reference check:

Wrong hiring can lead to huge losses for businesses. It mainly applies to senior-level resources. According to us, wrong hiring takes place usually because of having no idea about potential hires for the organizations. Therefore, we have included an independent reference check as one of the market intelligence services to explore qualitative insights about candidates’ performance. Before hiring It is vital to analyze the past achievement of a candidate.

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