Contractual Staffing

Contractual Staffing

Today businesses are opting to hire employees on a short-term basis to meet their project's requirements. Sometimes, it difficult to find the required skill sets for permanent job roles, and for this reason, employers are endorsing the contract staffing system. Therefore Jaddm is committed to providing its clients with Contractual Staffing solution across multiple verticals.

Most often, the Organization that experiences a dramatic spike for skilled professionals seeks to hire employees based on staffing agreement as per the project tenure. We concede such a requirement of our clients and resolve their concerns with our best hiring process.

As the best IT recruiting firms, we strive to allow our clients to operate their businesses and grow faster in the competitive market. We efficiently comprehend the fluctuating industry demands and therefore, ensure flawless Contractual Staffing solution. Thus you may easily scale up or scale down your business as your stipulated business strategy to achieve the desired business goal.

Our team of experts is persistently serving to build expertise and skilled resources for projects of all sizes. Generally, choosing the best IT recruiting firms from multiple options is a tough chore for any organization. Partnering with the best hr recruiting firms can assist you to identify additional talented resources when necessitated for your businesses. Apart from these, all staffing agreement companies are updating their recruitment strategies for the added benefits of their clients.

Contractual Staffing

What makes difference in Jaddm’s staffing contracts services:

a). Reduced costs

b). Experienced recruiters

c). Expert guidance

d). Scalability

e). Skilled workforce

f). Flexibility in services

g). Fast response time

Staffing Augmentation

IT staffing augmentation:

Today, the call for IT specialists has exceeded accessible expertise As an IT staffing augmentation firm, we ensure our clients to provide them with talented IT professionals to elevate their businesses even under such challenging circumstances. We at Jaddm are continuously trying to bridge this ever growing gap. Another influential confront that employers usually come across is the negotiation of salaries with the selected candidate. We believe in adopting the principal strategies to reduce the possibilities for employers of losing out an incredibly talented candidate. Our staffing augmentation experts keep polishing their skills to maintain a cordial situation and utilize their expertise while negotiating salaries of senior-level professionals.

Despite multiple IT staffing challenges confronted by IT companies, their hiring processes of IT experts can be easier now. As an IT staff augmentation services provider, we have collected and organized a huge database of IT professionals to match our client’s talent necessities. We keep updating our Database regularly to reach out to the active job seekers. Our qualified IT staffing recruiters aim at catering to the business needs of clients according to the project tenure. Over the years, we have been working to ensure guaranteed employee satisfaction to our clients 'by providing them with a potential candidate who may perform from the very first day of joining.

The arrival of technological elevation and social media platforms has made businesses understand the value of employer branding along with choosing the right professionals. Accurate employer branding assists to excite and engage quality professionals, who may prove worthy of the organization's success and extension. Candidates pertaining to the IT sector check out the status of a business as an employer. Therefore, as the Best IT recruitment Companies, We can help our clients developing a positive employer brand to promote the pool of potential candidates. To encourage our clients to retain their employees for a longer time, we ensure to help to maintain the client's reputation in a positive way.

Non-IT staffing augmentation

Similar to IT staffing augmentation services, we are committed to providing Non-IT staffing services. It is needless to elaborate on the challenges that come during the hiring process. An organization needs to follow the hiring processes attentively to avoid possible mistakes. Since carelessness at the minor level may lead to a huge loss to the businesses.

The hiring processes of the non-IT sector include a parallel component to the IT sector. We are providing our client with non-IT staffing services through strategic elements:

Sketch out development: To pick the most suitable candidate, it is essential to analyze the requirement of the open position. Therefore to manage the non-it staffing processes, we provide descriptive eligibility criteria required to fill the vacant position.

Follow standard strategies: We believe in executing the standard strategies to meet the requirement of not-IT staffing processes. The staffing services team at Jaddm dedicatedly checks out the recruitment sources and approaches the best one among multiples.

Screening and shortlisting: It refers to the reviewing processes of the candidate’s resume. We conscientiously go through each point mentioned in the candidate resume to accomplish the shortlisting process. Thereafter, we proceed for the next level of hiring processes.

Evaluation: Non-IT staffing professionals at Jaddm are expert in providing their clients with quality hires for multiple profiles. We evaluate the candidates based on their academic qualifications, their experience, achievements, and their future goal to pick the best one for our client’s businesses.

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