Jaddm Report and Complaints: Latest Job Openings

Reports and complaints

If you distrust or get evidence of workplace wrongdoing, then we prefer to have a conversation with your manager for clarification. In case we fail to discuss with your immediate manager, in that circumstance our recruiters choose to talk to your management team like an HR manager, or legal counsel.

Apart from this, you initiate to report us by dropping a complaint on given email ids. Our legal team promptly shows their concern to incidents like fraud, data breach, abuse of personal data and other privacy-related matters, and or other compliance-related issues. We have a separate department to look into such matters.

In case, you realize that complaining about workplace misconduct would not a wise step then you may directly contact our Jaddm legal team. We do not let your appeal in a compromised state. You may feel free to call or message our special team anonymously if coveted. We assist you to unveil your identification while reporting. This enables us to take action in a hassle-free manner.

After receiving your complaints, we forward it to the Local Integrity Officer for investigation through the channelized division. Implicated officers maintain the confidentiality of your identity and ensure a legal and reasonable deal for your report.

In case they find the requisite of more data or they witness that report has been created in evil faith, officers may choose not to proceed for investigation. Fake complaints might lead to disciplinary action. Jaddm follows a strict policy to protect their clients from misconducts at their workplace.

If you have any Reports and complaints please Contact Us.