Jaddm Security & Fraud: Latest Job Openings

Security & Fraud

We at Jaddm stay focused on the fraudulent recruitment pursuits on our name as recruitment team of Jaddm, attempting to outwit candidates to submit a huge amount of fees ensuring them job opportunities

Such fraudulent people are using the organization's registered trademark along with pretended and aped websites to justify their illegal activities to entice impeccable candidates to get caught into their snare.

Jaddm does not ask fees for its recruitment processes from the candidate. Apart from this, we do not endorse to collect fees from any of our approaching clients.

Jaddm recruitment services team simply states such an effort is completely based on the intention to deceive the candidate who does not have deceitful experience. We have not empowered any individual to ask any kind of payment from candidates, for our recruitment processes.

We hereby declare that we would not be accountable for such fraudulent recruiters or their lying assurances for job offers. In addition to these, Jaddm team won't be answerable for any thrashing and vandalism incited by such kinds of fake recruiters who aim at using their services in the wrong manner. They are involved in such misconduct in the name of offering jobs at their own risk and expenses.